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Legend Marie Lu Free Ebook Download

Legend Marie Lu Free Ebook Download

Legend is the first book in the bestselling dystopian trilogy by Chinese-American author Marie Lu. It tells the story of June and Day, two teenagers from opposite sides of a divided society, who cross paths when June's brother is murdered and Day becomes the prime suspect. The book explores themes of love, family, loyalty, rebellion, and hope in a world where the government controls everything.


If you are looking for a free ebook download of Legend by Marie Lu, you might be interested in the following options:

  • : This is an open source ebook that you can download from the Internet Archive. It is available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats. You can also read it online or borrow it for 14 days.

  • : This is a website that allows you to read Legend online for free. You can also download it as a PDF file. However, this website might not be authorized by the author or the publisher, so use it at your own risk.

  • : This is a platform that connects you to your local library's digital collection. You can borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your library using your phone or tablet. You will need a library card and an OverDrive account to access this service. You can check if your library has Legend by Marie Lu available for borrowing.

These are some of the ways you can get a free ebook download of Legend by Marie Lu. However, if you enjoy the book and want to support the author, you might consider buying a copy from your favorite bookstore or online retailer. You can also check out the other books in the trilogy: Prodigy and Champion.


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