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Smallfoot (2018) [BluRay] [1080p] English Utorrent

Smallfoot (2018) [BluRay] [1080p] English Utorrent

Smallfoot is a 2018 animated musical comedy film that tells the story of a yeti who discovers a human, or a "smallfoot", and tries to prove its existence to his fellow yetis. The film features the voices of Channing Tatum, James Corden, Zendaya, Common, LeBron James, and Danny DeVito. It was directed by Karey Kirkpatrick and co-directed by Jason Reisig. The film was produced by Warner Animation Group and Zaftig Films, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The film received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its animation, voice acting, humor, and message. It also performed well at the box office, grossing over $214 million worldwide against a budget of $80 million. The film was nominated for several awards, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film.



The film is set in a hidden village of yetis on a high mountain in the Himalayas. The yetis live according to the rules that are written on stone tablets by their ancestors and kept by the Stonekeeper (Common). The rules state that the yetis must never go below the clouds, where they believe nothing exists, and that they must never speak of the mythical creatures called "smallfoots", which are humans.

Migo (Channing Tatum) is a young yeti who is happy with his life and his job of ringing the gong every morning to make the sun rise. His father, Dorgle (Danny DeVito), uses a catapult to launch himself headfirst into a giant gong. One day, Migo witnesses a plane crash and finds a smallfoot near the wreckage. He tries to tell the village about his discovery, but no one believes him. The Stonekeeper banishes him from the village for lying and breaking the rules.

Migo meets a group of yetis called the Smallfoot Evidentiary Society (SES), led by Meechee (Zendaya), the Stonekeeper's daughter. The SES are a secret organization that collects evidence of smallfoots and seeks to learn more about them. They convince Migo to go below the clouds and find the smallfoot again. Migo agrees and descends through the clouds, where he discovers a human village.

There, he encounters Percy Patterson (James Corden), a wildlife documentary filmmaker who is struggling to regain his fame and credibility. Percy is about to shoot himself with a tranquilizer gun and pretend to be attacked by a yeti for views, but Migo interrupts him and chases him through the village. Migo eventually captures Percy and brings him back to the mountain with him.

The SES are overjoyed to see the smallfoot and try to communicate with him. Percy is terrified at first, but he soon realizes that Migo is friendly and harmless. He also sees an opportunity to film the yetis and become famous again. He uses his phone to play music for the yetis and make them dance. Migo and Meechee develop a bond over their curiosity and wonder.

The Stonekeeper arrives and takes Percy away from the SES. He reveals to Migo the truth about the history of the yetis and humans. He shows him that the stone tablets are actually a suit that he wears, and that he can change them at will. He explains that long ago, the yetis lived peacefully with humans, but they were hunted and driven away by them. The yetis escaped to the mountain and created the rules to protect themselves from humans. He warns Migo that if he tells the truth to the other yetis, they will lose their faith and their way of life.

Migo is conflicted between his loyalty to the Stonekeeper and his friendship with Percy. He decides to lie to the other yetis and say that Percy is just a hairless wild yak. However, Percy's phone rings and plays music, revealing his true identity. The yetis are shocked and angry at Migo for lying to them. They also become curious about the human world and want to see it for themselves.

The Stonekeeper tries to stop them from leaving the village, but Migo stands up to him and convinces him to let them go. He tells him that they can't live in fear of humans anymore, and that they have to try to understand them and coexist with them. He also tells him that the sun doesn't rise because of the gong, but because of the Earth's rotation.

Migo and the other yetis descend through the clouds and reach the human village. They cause a commotion and attract the attention of the media and the authorities. Percy tries to protect them and calm them down. He also tries to film them, but his phone runs out of battery. He decides to help them return to the mountain instead.

On their way back, they encounter a group of helicopters that try to capture them. Migo and Percy manage to evade them and reach the mountain. Migo thanks Percy for his help and gives him his fur coat as a souvenir. Percy hugs Migo and says goodbye to him. He then returns to his phone and sees that it has recorded everything. He decides to delete the footage and keep the yetis' existence a secret, knowing that they are better off without human interference.

Migo and Percy part ways as friends, hoping to see each other again someday. Migo returns to the village and reunites with Meechee and the other yetis. The Stonekeeper accepts Migo's decision and allows him to ring the gong as a symbol of a new era for the yetis. The film ends with Migo, Meechee, and the other yetis singing and dancing with joy.


Smallfoot is a fun and entertaining film that offers more than meets the eye. It is not just a typical animated comedy with cute characters and catchy songs, but also a clever satire on society, religion, and politics. It tackles themes such as truth, tolerance, diversity, and communication in a way that is accessible and engaging for both children and adults.

The film's animation is colorful and vibrant, creating a contrast between the snowy world of the yetis and the urban world of the humans. The character designs are appealing and expressive, especially for the yetis, who have different shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities. The voice acting is also well-done, with each actor bringing their own charm and humor to their roles.

The film's humor is mostly based on physical comedy, slapstick, and wordplay, which are effective in generating laughs from the audience. The film also has some clever references and jokes that poke fun at pop culture, social media, and celebrities. The film's songs are catchy and upbeat, with lyrics that reflect the characters' emotions and motivations.

The film's message is powerful and relevant, especially in today's world where there is so much division, misinformation, and intolerance. The film shows that there is more to people than what they look like or what they believe in, and that there is value in learning from each other's differences. The film also shows that it is important to question authority and seek the truth for oneself, even if it means going against the norm or facing consequences.

Smallfoot is a film that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes animation, comedy, music, or adventure. It is a film that can make you laugh, cry, think, and feel. It is a film that can inspire you to be more open-minded, curious, and courageous.


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