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Barefoot to Goa 2: A Sequel That Needs to Happen

Barefoot to Goa is a 2015 Indian Hindi drama film directed and produced by Praveen Morchhale. It narrates the story of two school-going kids living in Mumbai, who embark on a life-changing road trip to meet their ailing, abandoned grandmother in Goa. The film is a social commentary on the rural-urban divide in India, and the loss of human bonds in a fast-paced world. The film was released in India through a crowdfunding campaign, and received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of the characters and the issues they face.

However, the film ends on a tragic note, as the grandmother dies before the kids can reach her, and the father remains oblivious to their journey. The film leaves the audience wondering what happens next to the kids, and how their experience affects their lives. This is why we think that Barefoot to Goa deserves a sequel, and here are some possible ideas for it:


  • The sequel could explore the aftermath of the grandmother's death, and how it impacts the family dynamics. The kids could face resentment from their mother, who was against their relationship with their grandmother. The father could discover their adventure, and confront his own guilt and regret for neglecting his mother. The sequel could show how the family copes with their grief, and tries to mend their broken bonds.

  • The sequel could also follow the kids as they grow up, and how their road trip shapes their personalities and choices. The kids could develop a sense of independence, curiosity, and compassion from their experience. They could also face challenges and opportunities in their education, career, and relationships. The sequel could show how they balance their urban lifestyle with their rural roots, and how they keep in touch with their grandmother's memory.

  • The sequel could also introduce new characters and subplots that enrich the story. For example, the kids could meet other relatives or friends of their grandmother in Goa, who could share more stories and insights about her life. They could also encounter new people and places along their way, who could offer them different perspectives and experiences. The sequel could also explore the social and environmental issues that affect Goa, such as tourism, pollution, and culture.

These are just some of the possible ideas for a sequel to Barefoot to Goa. We think that such a sequel would be a worthy continuation of the original film, and would appeal to both fans and newcomers alike. We hope that Praveen Morchhale considers making a sequel to his debut film, and gives us another cinematic gem that celebrates life and humanity.

What do you think? Do you want to see a sequel to Barefoot to Goa? What are your ideas for it? Let us know in the comments below!


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