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John NES (NES Emulator) V3.80 [Patched] [Latest]

John NES (NES Emulator) v3.80 [Patched] [Latest]

Do you miss playing your favorite NES games on your Android device? If so, you might want to check out John NES, a NES emulator that lets you enjoy the classic games of the 8-bit console on your smartphone or tablet. John NES is developed by John emulators, a team that has created other emulators for SNES, GBA, and N64.

John NES is a powerful and easy-to-use emulator that supports most of the NES games. You can load your own ROMs from your device's storage or download them from the internet. You can also customize the controls, save and load states, use cheats, and more. John NES also supports external controllers, such as Bluetooth or USB gamepads.

Download Zip:

The latest version of John NES is v3.80, which was released on January 29, 2023. This version has some bug fixes and improvements, such as:

  • Fixed some crashes on Android 11 devices.

  • Improved performance and compatibility.

  • Added support for zipped ROMs.

  • Patched some security issues.

If you want to download John NES v3.80, you can find it on various websites and platforms. However, be careful of fake or malicious links that might harm your device. Here are some trusted sources where you can get John NES v3.80:

  • [SoundCloud]: You can stream or download John NES v3.80 as a portable file from SoundCloud. This file does not require installation and can run on any Android device.

  • [Apps on Windows]: You can download John NES v3.80 as an APK file from Apps on Windows. This file requires installation and can run on any Android device that supports APK files.

  • [SoundCloud]: You can also stream or download John NES v3.80 as a portable file from another SoundCloud link. This file is similar to the one from the first source.

John NES is a great emulator for NES fans who want to relive their childhood memories or discover new games. With John NES v3.80, you can enjoy the best of the 8-bit era on your Android device with ease and convenience.


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