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Buy Runescape Pures

Here we list all of our OSRS pures that we have for sale. You can see that we have a variety of different accounts, starting with 1 defense pure ending with Berserker pures. All of the accounts you see here are trained by hand, by our own staff. This gives our customers the safety they are looking for when buying the account. With your purchase you will know all the account information and you will be in full control of the account with no risk!

buy runescape pures

Also known as Berserker pures are accounts that have 45 defense. The name comes from berserker helmet that requires 45 defense to wear. These are very fun accounts to pk on and they are also quite versatile, as you can wear void armor as well as BiS zerker gear. We often sell accounts like this that have barrow gloves and vengeance, so with an account like that you can dominate mostly everyone in PVP worlds.

A combat pure was an account that was created primarily for the purpose of efficient (usually PvP) combat. Combat pures would train specific combat skills, while deliberately keeping other combat skills at a minimum in order to excel in certain aspects of combat at a comparatively low combat level. The term "pure" generally referred to combat pures, as a skill pure was/is generally called a "skiller." These accounts fell into four main categories, depending on the variation of skill levels: Pures, PKers, Tanks, and Products. Due to the Evolution of Combat update and later changes to Wilderness functionality, the use of these accounts has become practically nonexistent on RuneScape 3.

Combat pures would focus on training certain skills that they held most relevant for successful combat and were almost always made for player killing. The purpose of keeping an account "pure", i.e. refraining from training combat skills which are considered less effective or irrelevant for the concept of the account, was to keep the combat level as low as possible in order to excel against players of a similar combat level in PvP. Some combat pures would tend to neglect non-combat skills, although many would train a money making skill such as Woodcutting or Hunter to be able to buy equipment or to meet quest requirements for a combat-related reward such as Ancient Magicks or the bonuses offered by certain skill capes (defence and prayer bonus). Agility was also helpful for some pures, but as most wore low level armour (or none at all), this was not particularly common.

Combat pures were most commonly offence-oriented with high values in one or two offensive skills (Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic), while having only minimal values in defensive skills, such as Defence, Prayer and/or Constitution. Such pures rely on a fast damage rate and/or a high max hit for quick kills, often catching their opponents off guard, killing their opponent in literally seconds. However, there were also defence-orientated pures and pures that combine certain offensive and defensive aspects while neglecting others. There were truly a variety of combat skill combinations which could have been considered favourable for different tasks and different types of opponents.

Due to the certain renown that was associated with combat pures within the RuneScape community, another motive to create a combat pure may have been the prestige and/or the self-imposed challenge. Pures with unusual combat skill combinations may have also been players experimenting with new combat concepts.

Recognise that at 40 Attack, 60 Strength, 1 Defence and 1 Prayer (assuming 50 Constitution), the player's magic AND ranged levels do not affect the player's combat level until level 67. The formula of training an F2P pure is shown below. The formula below is for F2P Strength pures and may not appeal to other F2P pures who may want to be magic F2P pures.

Obby Mauler Pure [EOC]: 1 attack, 60+ Strength, 1 Defence. These accounts get 60 strength for the TzHaar-Ket-Om (commonly referred to as the "obby maul") that has excellent offensive stats with no attack requirement. Due to changes introduced in EOC, attack has much less of an impact on hit chance, and the obby maul has a fairly high amount of base weapon accuracy. This allows an obby mauler pure to hit very often even against defence pures!

Barrows Pure: 70+ attack, 70+ strength, 70 defence, 94 magic, 70+ Prayer. These pures will get 70 defence in order to get access to the prayer Piety as well as Barrows equipment that allows for a variety of combat styles from hybriding to fighting in Edgeville.

Anti Pure [EOC]: 99 Attack, 1 Strength, 99 Defence, 1/52/99 Prayer, 1/50 Magic, 1/50 Range, 99 Constitution, 1/88/99 Summoning. These accounts make use of the defence abilities to mitigate or negate damage. Using resonance they absorb high-hitting special attacks. Rejuvenate to rapidly regenerate health. Barricade to negate damage to eat or use potions. Reflect to reduce and return some fast hitting attacks to the opponent. Revenge to increase damage and make up for the low hits. Preparation to reduce the cooldown of resonance. Debilitate to and immortality to reduce damage while the latter also revives the player with 40% of their life points. This build is very expensive and requires tier 90 gear to be effective such as drygores (and potentially a noxious scythe or Zaros godsword switch), malevolent kiteshield and armour, razorback gauntlets, steadfast boots, reefwalker's cape blood amulet of fury/brawler's blood amulet, deathtouch bracelet and leviathan ring. They seek to have a high strength bonus while also using opponents damage for their advantage to make up for their relatively low but consistent hits. With the right setup, they can devastate most if not all pures below their levels and some up to near maxed combat levels. Their main weakness is the binds and stuns from magic and ranged based opponents but with the deathtouch bracelet, anticipation, freedom and transfigure this threat can be reduced greatly. Fast hitting legacy special attacks are also a potential problem, but can be mitigated by using siphon at the beginning of the fight to reduce their special attack bar. Also making use of deathtouch bracelet (for the chance to reflect some damage), reflect (same as deathtouch) and debilitate(to reduce damage taken.) Barricade is rarely used by the anti pure as the other ultimates are more useful in most pvp situations.

The most frequently suppressed skills combat pures keep as low as possible in order to minimise their combat level are Defence, Prayer, and Constitution. The debates on whether it is wise to forgo the benefits of each and all of these skills are as old as the concept of pures itself. Ultimately, it is a matter of preference for each player, keeping in mind that the "purer" they are in this offensive sense, the faster PvP combat will become and the higher the chance is, that fights will end with a kill rather than flight (for good or for bad). Here are a few considerations along those lines. It is worth mentioning that only the most radical pures insist on keeping all of the above skills at their extreme minimum once above a certain level, and will gain Constitution experience while fighting other players.

Defence is by far the most commonly suppressed skill for pures, both in the past and present. Due to the effectiveness of Defence being reduced due to EoC, it remains the most popular skill to suppress, though one loses access to certain defensive abilities.

In the past, some pures choose certain levels (i.e. 10, 20, 40, 42, or 45) Defence to gain access to certain stat-boosting equipment while having much more offensive power compared to main accounts of the same level. The Rune Pure (which kept Defence at 40), for example, had nearly the same strength bonus as a maxed account with 99 Defence, while the 20 Defence pure has Corrupt Ancient Warriors' equipment, which is stronger than Barrows equipment (70 Defence).

Many players believed that offensive pures with minimal Defence had a mathematical advantage over balanced players of the same combat level due to game mechanics (i.e. the formulas that determine who gets hit how often and how hard, etc.). The general success of such pures in low and mid level PvP seemed to endorse this theory. However, the precise game mechanics regarding Attack and Defence are unknown. Some players believe that the success of offensive pures is solely due to the factors mentioned above and have little to do with combat Attack/Defence mechanics, arguing that the fact that armour generally gives a good deal more Defence bonus than weapons of the same material give Attack bonuses suggests that balanced players should have a slight edge, profiting from the larger bonus.

However, despite the fact that a player with no defence should lose in a fight to a balanced player, in practice, pures were generally more effective than a balanced counterpart. There were numerous reasons for this, some of which are:

The problem pures had with Prayer is similar to the one they had with Defence: at low levels the skill was generally not beneficial enough to bother training, as low-level prayers were fairly ineffective and prayer points would deplete too quickly, and at higher levels it affected combat level too much for their liking. Prayer is also prone to being drained by hostile spells and effects in P2P. Despite these issues, some pures did still train Prayer. As defensive armour is fairly ineffective at Defence level 1, many pures wore cheap, Prayer-boosting equipment such as Monk's robes.

Constitution was perhaps the most controversial skill amongst combat pures. Some believed it should be kept as low as possible, citing the increase in combat level that comes with a high Constitution level simply weakening one's offensive capabilities. Others believed it should be raised as high as possible (preferably level 99), arguing that Constitution is the only defensive skill that an offence pure really needs. Others still believed it should be about average for the given combat level, arguing that higher levels were of little gain, partially because offense pures preferred to end fights quickly (and therefore largely eliminate the need for managing Life Points), but also arguing that having less Constitution made no sense mathematically: there would be no point in having a high max hit that would reduce your opponent's Life Points by a large percentage if their average max hit would reduce your low Life Points by the same percentage. If the pure's constitution was too low (e.g. 20 or less), a pure could easily find themselves in the same situation they were created to perform themselves: being killed with an extraordinarily high hit comparatively to their total health pool. Others again believed it is best somewhere above the average for the given combat level (which was the most common outcome). 041b061a72


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