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Bohemian Loc  1B/27  18”

Bohemian Loc 1B/27 18”

Faux Locs + Curly Crochet = Bohemian Locs. Made EZ for you.

Bohemian Locs 18

Crochet braiding hair made with itch free patented 99.9% antibacterial fiber.
Long lasting freshness without skin irritation.
Soft as human hair. The most human hair like synthetic braiding hair product on the market.
Ultra light + full volume bohemian braiding hair.
Made by I & I Hair – the original brand & manufacturer of the famous Innocence EZ braid

    Beautiful deep waves in this cute style 


    If you purchased a product and change your mind at the time you receive it, you may return it for a refund (or exchange) within 30 days and the product has not been open.


    When customers make a purchase, and select a service the purchase order will be filled at the time of the appoint. If the customer prefers their items to be shipped I only ship locally. Thank you

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